"A New Found Purpose Found in Nashville"

10:36 AM

One week ago I asked this question...

"Me? Blog? Why?" 

I had no idea what would be in store for me as I left for Nashville the next morning at 9 a.m.....

We packed up our stuff with 15 young ladies out on a first time adventure to attend our first Lifeway Girls Conference

One carsick girl, one big snow & ice storm, one flat tire, and one being renovated hotel later.....we arrived. Satan was definitely trying to keep us from something there, but he wouldn't win.

When I decided to go on this trip, I was thinking about how much the girls would get out of it and how amazing it would be to bond together. After I left, I not only saw that but something I didn't expect...a calling I knew I had on my life but just needed some clarity. 

So here I am typing in my blog again and realizing that this blog is here for me to share my journey as a volunteer girls minister at our church. I attended so many things at the conference that pointed me directly to it. I am so humbled what God has called me to do. 

Now, I don't have it all figured out so hopefully we can go along this journey together. I want to share ideas, books, websites, etc. of things that we tried, things that worked or did not work. 

So I started with these two websites that I cannot stop reading...

A great blog put on by Amy-Jo Girardier whom I had the pleasure of meeting and having lunch with at the conference. We share a special bond as we both have the same alma mater, Southwest Baptist University- GO BEARCATS. Be prepared to spend a few hours reading and viewing all of the post here. Whether you are starting out in girls ministry, or just need some renewal, she has some great stuff here. 

This was just launched at the conference but already so many great resources and readings. I have already ordered several resources which I will be posting about in the future. 

So here we go...a blog about my journey in girls ministry. 


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